INTRODUCING: Ninja Book Selling Strategies...From a Renowned Book Publicist
How to Get Top Celebrities
To Endorse Your Book
Big Brands have used Celebrity endorsements to sell products for years. They pay multiple millions of dollars to have George Clooney endorse their Nespresso Coffee machine, Julia Roberts to endorse Lancome make up.... 

New York Times Bestselling authors use this technique to instantly position their book as a winner and to sell more books.

Whether you are a first-time author or a bestselling author - getting Free Celebrity Endorsements is easy, if you know exactly what to do!

  • Instant Credibility:  Thanks to the endorsement of a credible celebrity!
  • Borrowed Authority: You are now thought of as an equal to your endorser!
  • Trust Factor: Your fans trust the celebrity, and now they trust you!
You are 1 Email Away From Celebrity Endorsements 
You've worked hard to write and publish your book. You owe it to yourself to help it get read by as many readers as possible. This can be a challenge if they have never heard of you. With Celebrity Book Endorsements, readers will rush to buy your books. Endorsements give you credibility as an author, and give you a running start with online book retailers, reviewers and readers!

In this easy to Follow Guide You Will Discover
 The One Thing You Must Do to Get A Celebrity to Say Yes!
  Detailed and Easy-to-follow Instructions, even for Newbie.
  Where to Showcase - How to Leverage your Endorsements
See How My clients Have Had Success With this method:
"I got a celebrity endorsement following Jane's guide. This really works quickly!!

Alan  - London, UK

"...Easy to follow, step by step Guide!"

John - Largo, FL

"...A must have for every author's toolkit"

                                                                Melanie - Brooklyn, NY

 Guide Contains:
 Examples of great book endorsements
 How to identify the right Celebrities for your book
 How & where to find celebrity contact info 
 Fill-in-the-Blank endorsement invite letter template
 5 Things every endorsement request needs to succeed 
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Jane Tabachnick
P.S. : I am so excited for you! I know what having a celebrity endorsement will mean for you and your book! Here's to your success!
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